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'SWEAR    Sr   THE   HORN9

and he stood there quietly while the Great Head
of the Horns slowly filled the great medicine pipe
with tobacco and then put in a wad of hay on top
of the tobacco* While he was loading the pipe
he was talking in a mysterious way, now and then
warning Star Wolf that he was 'about to swear
before the Horns—to consider the truth deep in
his heart; for death would follow if he should
speak with a crooked tongue5.

When he had filled the pipe he lighted it four
times, and each time he lighted it he looked at
Star Wolf through the flames of his faggot and
uttered a word which we could not understand.
Then, with a flourish of the medicine pipe to the
four corners of the earth, he got up and walked
over to Star Wolf and held out the medicine pipe,
saying in stern, deliberate tones:

'Brother, smoke if you are telling the truth.
If you lie, don't smokeY

Star Wolf 'took' the pipe; and no one doubted
him after that.

. It is said that if any one lies before the Horn he
will die within a half-year. And it is claimed
with authority that instances of death from this
cause have been known.